• Product 1: Internet Time Card

    Add structure to the workplace using a simple Timecard System. Employees login in each morning and out at night. Controls payroll to the penny!

    • Creates detailed employee timekeeping records
    • Stops payroll subjectivity in its tracks
    • Discipline free – employees police themselves
    • Complete attendance control including sick time
    • Only $3 per month per employee!
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  • Product 2: Company Calendar

    Venerable Industrial Strength Calendar that incorporates Users and Groups. Each Employee has a unique login and security level. Create one Master Schedule!

    • Create users groups within the larger Calendar
    • No synchronization required – Everyone’s on the same page
    • Multiple Users OK – Multiple Locations OK
    • Upload Files and attach them to events
    • Automatic Email Notifications to the Team!
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  • Product 3: Estimating System

    Is slow estimating holding you back? Kick into high gear by estimating quickly and accurately. Estimate in minutes, close more jobs, and make more money!

    • Pull common line items onto the estimate
    • All math is calculated automatically
    • Places your estimate into Microsoft Word
    • Any employee or estimator can use this system easily
    • Build a library of common jobs
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Systems without Contracts, Downloads, or Installs!

“Systems Permit Ordinary People to Achieve Extraordinary Results Predictably”

Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth

It’s not enough to work hard. To reach extraordinary levels of success you need a system. Rarely does the haphazard approach succeed. Even when it does succeed it’s not repeatable. To succeed on a consistent and repeatable basis you need a system to work within. Web Based Software is a collection of online systems that organize work. These systems achieve extraordinary results repeatedly. If you are looking to raise your success level start using Web Based Software. It works. These systems are proven winners with a record of years of success.

Web Based Software

Reliable? How About 15 Years of Continuous Operation

During the time that Web Based Software has been running Windows has been through seven operating system changes: Windows 95, 98, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and now Windows 10. I don’t know about you but to me that’s a lot of upheaval. As a business owner I don’t like upheaval. As a business owner I like stability. Web Based Software clients were completely unphased all that time!

As the chief software engineer at Web Based Software I can promise you that our software will always work. It will always be a positive experience. We will never do anything impact you in any way. The software will work exactly like the videos. When do make changes they will be to improve it. The improvements will not affect how you use the system. I write the software and I guarantee you will always be in your comfort zone.

Providing software to help run your business is something we take seriously. We have redundant equipment, highly configured firewalls, and sophisticated backup systems in place. There is a reason we’ve enjoyed fifteen years of continuous operation without incident. We have never lost any data or disappointed any client in all that time.

Web Based Software is the ultimate in simplicity. There are no up front costs. There is no equipment to buy. There are no contracts. There is nothing to download, install, or configure. You don’t need an expert. We offer a thirty-day free trial. Your credit card is not required to signup. Should you decide to use Web Based Software our plans are less than one dollar per day. That includes multiple users!

How Did Web Based Software Get Started?

Web Based Software grew out of the web design business called Internet Man, Inc. in Southern California. Our software packages are the result of clients demanding certain functionality over the web. Never been one to say no, we developed these systems simply to provide clients what they wanted. Over the years it’s turned into a line of Web Based Software.

We found Web Based Systems to be incredibly reliable. Every product was born out of a real business need. Functionality like Company Calendar, Internet Time Card, and Ticketing System were developed for clients. They worked so well we decided to offer them to other businesses.

The result has been overwhelming. I’ve seen two people handle hundreds of tasks while keeping everything straight. I’ve seen work stress tamed as everything gets under control. Our systems have multiple users with security levels for each one. To most software developers that’s revolutionary. To us it’s commonplace. We’ve been doing it for years.

Web Based Software Proves Systems Don’t Need To Be Complicated

We’re knocking down myths about software. The first myth is it’s complicated. The second myth is you need computer experience to use it. The third myth is you need an IT specialist. With Web Based Software you don’t need any of that. We have never had anyone who wasn’t brilliant on the software. We put menus, buttons, and links where they’re supposed to be. We don’t hide things. We don’t make it tricky. We’re savvy veterans. We want productive happy clients.

If you have work to do you are a perfect candidate for Web Based Software. We’ll get your situation organized and productive. If your needs involves multiple locations that’s OK. We’re set up for it. If you’ve got hundreds of tasks and two people, we’re set up for that too. Just go to the system that fits your needs and sign up. If things change just forget it. You don’t need to do anything. There is no downside here. If you use the software you get dramatically better. If you don’t it doesn’t cost a penny!

Get stuff done! Get Web Based Software and get organized. We are available from 9 to 5, Pacific Time, USA. We’re real people so Call us!

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Amazing Online Software!

online-project-softwareOnce you start using Web Based Software you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to manage your workload. Whether it’s just you or you have 20 people it works the same. The software is easy to use. Keep everything straight and manage your difficult workload with ease.

Web Based Software is industrial software intended for business. Our Calendar for example is an industrial calendar intended for groups. It can easily manage hundreds of events between dozens of users. We keep the software simple on purpose. Functionality comes first. We make Web Based Software as simple as possible so you can get your work done!

Easy To Implement

  • No software to download
  • Multiple Users OK
  • Multiple Locations OK
  • Nothing to install or configure
  • No computer equipment needed
  • No gurus required
  • Risk free 30 day trial
  • No contracts to sign
  • No Credit Card required
  • Download your data
  • Leave at any time